Alejandro Burromuerto, labeled as the Arch Villain, is a contestant on Total Drama Roleplay.

Total Drama College:Edit

Alejandro was the main antagonist on the show, bringing manipulation and eliminations to a whole new level.  Alejandro was building a relationship with Harriet thoughout the season, they also made an alliance.  Surprisingly, Alejandro was orginally eliminated in the middle of the game, but made a return after Duncan quit Total Drama for the second time.  After his return, he had a priority: eliminate Heather.  He quickly received his wishes when he convinced his team members to vote for Heather.  Alejandro was very strong when he returned and made a few new enemies, but he managed to overpass them. 

After a couple of days back in the game, Alejandro realizes that Noah is becoming into a bigger threat to him, so he tries to get everyone to vote for Noah.  His attempt was unsucessful and he was going to be eliminated, but he had the invinciblity totem that he found in a earlier challenge.  The following episode, Blaineley begins to interfere in the game and costs Alejandro and Harriet the challenge.  He is eliminated the same episode and looks like he has no plans on revenge.  With his arrogance, smarts, and looks, Alejandro reached 5th place at the end.

Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Green
Place 6th
' Father, Mother, Julio (uncle), Carlos, José (brothers)
Friends Harriet, Courtney, Scott, Heather
Enemies Lindsay, Noah, Trent, Sierra


  • Alejandro is the only contest on Total Drama College to make a return.
  • Alejandro has been eliminated 3 times.
  • The reason most characters were eliminated was because of Alejandro.
  • This is the only season Alejandro has not gotten any serious injuires.