Sassy Sasquatches
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Place TBA
Relationship Trent (unofficial)
Friends Gwen, Trent, Lindsay, Tyler
Enemies Sadie
' V.VonSchweetz
Courtney, labeled The Devious Overachiever, was a contestant on Total Drama Roleplay.

She won our first ever random roleplay, and competed in all of the other ones aswell.

Total Drama RoleplayEdit

Courtney is shown to have a crush on Trent. She forms an alliance with him, as well as Tyler and Lindsay. In Don’t It Make Your Blind Eyes Shine Courtney is hoping to be paired with Trent for a trust challenge. Instead, she is paired with Gwen and the two win the challenge they compete in. After the challenge, Gwen and Courtney become friends. After Gwen overhears Trent admitting to Duncan that he likes Courtney, Gwen tells her. Courtney doesn’t believe her at first, but eventually does.