Duncan labeled " The Deliquent" Is a contestant in the Total Drama Island Cannon

Season CoverageEdit

Here Comes The Boom!Edit

When Duncan first arrived at the island he was very indifferent, seeing that it was atleast better than juvie. When the challenge began, he started to take charge and used his smarts when it came to houses (due to breaking into many) To nearly guide his team to victory. But due to a time stoppage the Beavers lost. Duncan was angry at Eva and DJ for not being there, calling them "Man lady" and "Bunny Boy" But due to his respect for Eva after throwing DJ's bunny, he helped orchestrate the elimination of DJ.

Don't Train on My ParadeEdit

Duncan was at first excited for the train challenge when he heard the word "deadly" but as soon as Chris revealed he would be tied to the tracks and have to sign the waiver Duncan refused. He was soon tranqualized and woke up on the tracks. As the train came closer he realized he had his pocket knife and managed to save his team mates to win the challenge, just as the train was about to hit them. During the episode he developed friendships with both Gwen and Geoff.