Heather, labeled "The Queen Bee", is a contestant on this roleplay of Total Drama Island. 

Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
' Parents
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Total Drama Island

Heather doesn't really do much in Here Comes The Boom. She arrives with Leshawna and stands in the background for the first episode. She is put on the the Sassy Sasquatches, and complains for the whole episode. Luckily for Heather, her team won the challenge, giving her immunity for the episode.

Don't Train on My Parade is the first episode Heather does something. Heather mingles before the challenge. She gets angry at Justin because he is useless in challenges. Justin's oblivious fangirls, Katie and Sadie, disagree and argue with Heather. Knowing she'll never win in an argument against stupid fangirls, she forgets it. When the challenge begins, Heather tries wiggling herself out. After, she tries to untie herself with her teeth. Trent graciously unties her. Unfortunately, they do not win. Her team goes to the elimination, and she is the fourth person to recieve a marshmallow, living for another episode.

In Take a Deep Fire Breath, Heather does nothing in the first part of the episode, really. She only does the challenge, and helps strategize a way out. Before the elimination, Heather discusses who she thinks should be eliminated. Courtney says Owen should leave, and everyone agrees, besides Owen. At the elimination, Heather recieves the sixth marshmallow, staying safe for an other episode.

Legends of the Purple Tiger Heather plays a big role in this episode. She becomes the season Antagonist. She start out complain about needing a new a cabin for herself. Courtney tells her to shut it which make her mad.She starts an Allince with Bridgette and Lindsay to get her out if they lose. She thinks all of Courtney ideas of stupid and blams her for losing again. Lindsay then Informs her of a 2nd Allince that she force herself into. She aslo conceived Tyler and it was bye bye Courtney. After Lindsay told her about the Courtney and Trent reationship she realized Trent will be next (on her team) to go.

Oh The Things You Can Destory- Heather bossed around Bridgette. She tried to get Harold out but fails and Bridgette convinces her alliance to get her out and she ended up in a double elimination with Harold.