Here Comes The Boom
Season 1, Episode 1
Date September 4, 2013
Winners Sassy Sasquatches
Challenge Build a cabin while dodging explosives
Eliminated DJ
Episode Guide
"Don't Train On My Parade"
Here Comes The Boom is the first episode of Total Drama Island.


It's the newest reality TV show, Total Drama! 22 contestants arrived, thinking it was gonna be all fun and games. Well, they got the games part right. But they didn't know about the deadly part. The contestants were split into two teams, The Sassy Sasquatches and The Ferocious Beavers. For their first challenge, they had to build their own cabins...while dodging explosives. In the end, the winner was the sasquatches, and the beavers were sent to elimination. In the end, with seven votes against him, DJ became the first camper voted off.


Username Role(s)
FoodIsLife Chris
V.VonSchweetz Beth/Courtney
DegrassiFTW27 Duncan
BatmanTDI Bridgette/Katie
Rocky XXVI Justin/Eva
OMGitsGARRET1 DJ/Geoff/Trent
Rj3ful11 Sadie/Heather
Samalion Izzy
BoogieMango Tyler
BerkyBro Leshawna
ArianaMcCurdy Lindsay
Rockerboyalien4 Noah
Alexhouse721 Owen
Metanuki Harold/Ezekiel
JRO123 Gwen
Niksdorfv Cody

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  • This is the first episode of Total Drama Island.
  • The title, "Here Comes The Boom", is a reference to a movie released in 2012, with the same title.