It'll Be Over Before You Don't Know It
Season 1, Episode 6
Date September 9, 2013
Winners Ferocious Beavers
Challenge Various Dangerous Challenges
Eliminated Sadie
Episode Guide
"Don't it Make Your Blind Eyes Shine"
"The Legend Of The Purple Tiger"
It'll Be Over Before You Don't Know It is the sixth episode of Total Drama Island.


This challenge is all about pain. Lots of pain. The first challenge was for Sadie, jump into shark infested water. Bridgette, Harold, Gwen, and Izzy had to climb up ropes. Tyler and Katie had to kiss people, which they didn't enjoy, as they kissed people of the same gender. Duncan and Heather had to stay in a cage with a bear. In the end, the ferocious beavers won immunity. In the end, with a close vote, Sadie was eliminated for good (finally).


  • Courtney was in the bottom two.
  • This marks the first time that a female is eliminated in a normal procedure.