# Image Title Date
1 Here Comes The Boom Here Comes The Boom September 4, 2013
It's the first episode of our new reality TV show, Total Drama Island! The contestants met up, and some rivalries and friendships began. The contestants had to build their own cabin...while dodging explosives. In the end, the Sassy Sasquatches one the challenge and the Ferocious Beavers were sent to elimination. In the end, with seven votes against him, DJ was the first camper eliminated from Total Drama.

Title Reference: Here Comes The Boom, a 2012 movie.

2 Don't Train On My Parade September 4, 2013
This week, Chris is making the contestants face a dangerous task: they have to try to untie themselves from train tracks, with a train on its way. Duncan helped his team get the win, and in the end, Justin was voted out for constantly talking about his good looks.

Title Reference: Don't Rain On My Parade, a song.

3 Take a Deep Fire Breath September 5, 2013
This week it's all about fire. Chris makes the contestants run a couple of miles to a rundown building, and once they are inside, they will have to try to escape without getting burnt, as Chris accidently set it on fire when he lit it on fire.

Title Reference: Take a Deep Breath, a saying.

4 Would You Like To Super Size That? September 5, 2013
5 Don't It Make Your Blind Eyes Shine September 6, 2013
Title Reference: Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Shine, a song.
6 It'll Be Over Before You Don't Know It September 9, 2013
Title Reference: It'll Be Over Before You Know It, a saying.
7 The Legend Of The Purple Tiger September 9, 2013
8 Oh The Things You Can Destroy September 10, 2013
Title Reference: Oh The Things You Can Think, a Dr. Seuss book.
9 This is How to be a Rulebreaker September 10, 2013
Title Reference: This is How to be a Heartbreaker, a song.
10 Rock n' Fall September 10, 2013
Title Reference: Rock n' Roll, a music genre.