The Ferocious Beavers
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Dark Brown
' Don't It Make Your Blind Eyes Shine
Place 17th/18th
Relationship Lindsay
' Mother, Father, Aunt, Siblings, Cousins
Friends Cody, Izzy, Lindsay, Owen, Robot, Trent, Zoey
Enemies Alejandro, Duncan, Ezekiel, Scott
Noah, labeled The Overly-Sarcastic Bookworm, is a contestant on Total Drama Roleplay.

Total Drama CollegeEdit

Noah was in an alliance with Lindsay, before they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Noah came in 6th place after getting two votes against him, and Alejandro three, but Alejandro found the immunity totem, and Noah was sent home.


  • The only reason people voted Noah off is because he was starting to "become a threat", in the words of Alejandro.
  • Noah was the only contestant to be eliminated but not have the most votes.
  • Noah's relationship with Lindsay is the only one not to end or have any problems in the roleplay's history.