1. === Sadie is played by rj3ful1.===


Sadie is first seen arriving with Katie, excited, until she looks at the island. She is seen later when Sadie and Katie are on seperate teams. They then talk about doing everything together, even the bathroom. Later Sadie is looking for pink wood and others say "Why would there be pink wood?" Then Sadie finds a paint bucket with pink paint inside. So Katie and Sadie immidately paint the cabins. Sadie is seen later adding a photo of herself eating chicken wings. Sadie also adds a tv and a hot tub in the cabin. Sadie's team is then safe. In Episode 2 she is still sad about Katie not being her teammate. In the challenge she breaks out of the ropes using fatness. She is then untying most of her teammates. It is shown that her team lost. At the bonefire she is safe. In episode 3 when Chris said "Fire Challenge" she thought it will be a campfire and they'll sing songs. She was wrong. She is then seen running insdie the burning building and climbing the ladder. Turns out her team lost and she is once again safe. In Episode 4 when a food contest is heard she says "FOOD YAY" IN the challenge she explains to Katie about how they barely speak to eachother anymore. Sadie eats all the nasty food and pukes a couple times. Sadie tells Courtney and Trent to calm down about Leshawna barfing on Courtney. Which makes Courtney mad. Sadie and Katie then get excited for the merge being soon. Eva calls her an idiot since the merge is not soon. Sadie's team wins yet again. In Episode 5 she is seen eating dog food a lot. She lost her challenge but is still safe. She is then noticing she only has 3 friends so she starts to interact more. After elimination Sadie hugs Katie