Season One is the first season of Total Drama Roleplay.

Cast and CharactersEdit

Character(s) Played By
Chris McLean, Dawn, Sam FoodIsLife
Courtney, Izzy, Zoey V.Von Schweetz
Tyler, Mike DegrassiFTW27
Lindsay, Lightning, Gwen Drfizwuz997xlol
Dakota, Duncan Rj3ful1


Table will be made later on!

Winner: Courtney (Returned)
Runner Up: Lindsay (Returned)
Third Place: Tyler
4th: Mike
5th: Duncan (Debuted)
6th: Courtney
7th: Zoey
8th: Izzy (Returned)
9th: Gwen
10th: Dawn
11th: Izzy
12th: Lindsay
13th: Sam
14th: Lightning
15th: Dakota