Take a Deep Fire Breath
Season 1, Episode 3
Date September 5, 2013
Winners The Ferocious Beavers
Challenge Run to a building, Escape the burning building.
Eliminated Owen
Episode Guide
"Don't Train On My Parade"
Take a Deep Fire Breath is the third episode of Total Drama Island.


It's 4:00am and the contestants are sleeping well, that is, until Chris blows an airhorn to wake them all up. Chris announced to them that today's challenge is a fire challenge. The first part is to run inside a run-down building. The Sasquatches win part one, only to lose part two when Owen cost them the challenge. Geoff encouraged his team greatly to fight for the gold, earning his team's trust, which he could later use to vote off others. In the end, Owen, the chubby buddy was eliminated from the competition.


Username Role(s)
FoodIsLife Chris
DegrassiFTW27 Duncan
BatmanTDI Bridgette/Katie
Rocky XXVI Eva
Rj3ful11 Sadie/Leshawna
Samalion Izzy
BoogieMango Tyler/Cody
GODuncan1 Lindsay/Bridgette
Rockerboyalien4 Noah/Katie
Alexhouse721 Owen
Metanuki Harold/Ezekiel
JRO123 Gwen/Courtney

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  • This marks the third time in a row where a male is eliminated.