Total Drama Mystery/Mansion is a TDRP Wiki Random Roleplay.


JRO123 as Dawn and Gwen
Rj3ful1 as Cody and Heather
Metanuki as Owen and Paz
BoogieMango as Noah and Tyler

Episode 1Edit

The episode starts with Chris introducing the new location, which is an huge old mansion. The contestants, Gwen, Owen, Dawn, Noah, Tyler, Heather, and Cody arrive and exchange greetings. Chris then announces a newcomer to the series, Paz. Chris leads the contestants into the mansion, when suddenly the lights go off. A voice speaks to the contestants, and it claims that it deserves the million instead of the contestants. The lights return and the contestants question Chris, but he worriedly dismisses it as a prank. He then sends Chef to investigate, and announces the challenge.