Would You Like to Super-Size that?
Season 1, Episode 4
Date September 5, 2013
Winners Sassy Sasquatches
Challenge Eat disgusting meals by Chef without puking
Eliminated Cody
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"Take a Deep Fire Breath"
Would You Like To Super-Size That is the fourth episode of Total Drama Island.


The contestants are in their cabins, just doing what they always do. Courtney is on her PDA, Duncan is carving skulls, Cody is checking Gwen out, and Gwen is writing in her diary. Chris later tells them what their challenge is - disgusting meals courtesy of Chef. The Sasquatches are stunned, as they had voted Owen out the previous episode. After four disgusting meals, the Sasquatches won with a score of three out of four. An alliance between Geoff and Duncan ended up getting Cody eliminated.


  • The dishes served are blended skunk, Beetle Puree, Mutated Squirrel Pizza, and Shredded sweaty t-shirt.
  • This episode is the fourth in a row where a male is eliminated.