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Is a every nice girl and Firends with everyone expect, maybe dawn.

Played by drfizwuzxlol

Played by V.VonSchweetz in Total Drama: The Movies, and its following season, Total Drama College. 

Total Drama: The MoviesEdit

Zoey starts out the season as a sweet girl who is in a relationship with Mike. After Cody tells Sierra he doesn’t care about her in front of all the other contestants, Zoey comforts Sierra and they become best friends. The two vow to torture Cody until he apologizes, and has Lindsay join them. In the “Truth or Killer Whale” challenge, Zoey’s secret was that she sucked her thumb until she was nine. However, Chris makes up a fake secret that she started watching Total Drama since Hawaiian Punch, and has a crush on Alejandro and Heather. Mike believes Chris and breaks up with Zoey, cursing at her during the breakup. He is voted off later in the episode. In the following episode, Geoff gets angry at Zoey for eliminating Mike. Zoey runs into the forest and becomes Commando Zoey again when she gets back. Sierra does not like this new side of her. 

Total Drama CollegeEdit

Zoey is harsh to some of the new competitors, especially Heather, since Heather has been mean to Zoey since before she went Commando. This causes her early elimination. She places 15th. Mike is in the bus of losers with her. He apologizes for not believing her, and the two make up. Zoey turns back to normal in response. However, when she returns as cameo for a future challenge, she is Commando Zoey again. She breaks Chris’s Gemmies in response for him ruining her relationship with Mike in the previous season. The other contestants must try to catch her. After Zoey returns to normal mid-challenge, she tells the contestants a quick speech. She tells Heather and Duncan to be nice. She tells Lindsay, Noah, and Izzy to give Chris his karma. She tells Sierra to win the season for her, and she tells the Robot she knows who he really is. She is about to reveal who the Robot is before she is pulled away. Later, when Noah admits his love for Lindsay, he mentions that he originally liked Zoey.


  • Zoey placed 15th in Total Drama College.
  • She is in a relationship with Mike.
  • Sierra is her best friend.